100 things your husband should know about you

( but probably definitely doesn't )

Ladies, we need your help. Desperately!

Here at Say Do Give our goal is to help men with marriage. The problem is, well, we're men too - which means we can be just as clueless as the next guy. So, what we try to do is ask MARRIED WOMEN to fill in the gaps for us and we pass that advice on to married men across the country.

Our latest endeavor is to try to discover the Top 100 things we, as men, should know about our wives but probably, ok, definitely don't. 

For example, her:

  • Ring Size
  • Favorite Flower
  • Best Childhood Memory

How can you help?

Easy!  Enter our free WOMEN-ONLY Members Area by creating an account below then:

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Thanks in advance for clueing us in!


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