Before you go...

We've now officially established that you're our kind of guy... the kind who wants to get this marriage thing right but is willing to admit he hasn't yet cracked the code.

You should have an email in you inbox momentarily confirming your sign up. It will also have your first simple Say Do Give ideas.

Since you've got the ball rolling we'd like to suggest an immediate Say Do Give TRIFECTA. That's right, you get to complete all 3 in one simple step!

Follow the link below to Sugarfina to send your wife a "candydrop". All you have to do is pick a box with 3, 4 or 8 candies, add a note and your wife's email address, and you're done. Sugarfina will email your wife that she has a gift waiting for her, including a nice note from you. She then goes to the site to do one of her favorite things - SHOP! - and pick out the candies she wants.

Of course, the most beautiful thing is that you don't need to guess what she may or may not like. She picks!

As for the note, we've got you covered there. Copy and paste the following text and use it as-is or modify to your liking:

COPY & PASTE NOTE TEXT: Wanted to send you a little sugar to let you know how sweet you are to me. Much love!