Welcome Ladies.  Seriously, WELCOME - WE NEED YOU!

If you made it here you must be curious.

To answer your most pressing questions:

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    Yes, we’re helping men become better husbands by telling them exactly what to do to make their wives feel loved.
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    Yes, we’re getting our ideas to share with these men from married women like you (that’s right, we’re crowdsourcing romance from the experts).
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    No, it’s not cheating… it’s COMMITMENT!

The ultimate goal of Say Do Give is help men keep their relationships with their wives top of mind and encourage them to continually take action to show their wives they love them. We know they’re more likely to take action if they're armed with great ideas their wives will love and appreciate.

The bottom line is that LOVE is a VERB, and men need to DO SOMETHING. We think we speak for most men when we say the problem is we've got no idea what to do!

That's where you come in...

If you’d be willing to join the small group of volunteer women who have already raised their hands and said, “Count me in,” please register below to be added to our WOMEN-ONLY email list.

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That’s it. That’s the whole deal.

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