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The Four Words Every Woman Wants to Hear

The Four Words Every Married Woman (with kids) Wants Whispered in Her Ear

When we, as dudes, asked married ladies with kids, “What are the four words every married woman with kids wants whispered in her ear?” we were surprised at what we heard back.

Seriously. We thought it would be a bunch of romantic notions straight from Hollywood. You know, “I love you always,” “You are truly beautiful,” or “You’re the only one.” 

There’s nothing wrong with any of the responses we expected. It’s just that, well, those weren't the answers we got back. 

Literally, NONE of them… and we polled 160 married women with kids! 

Not surprisingly, it turns out we’ve still got a WHOLE LOT to learn about what women want from us, how we can meet their needs, and what makes them feel truly loved. 

Below is a summary of the top responses received from the survey. We broke the responses down by topics we created after the fact to make it easier to read and to allow our man-brains to get the bigger picture… something we pretty much always miss. This also helped us see that just about all of the responses fell into a few basic categories:


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If you’ve ever thought, “If I just knew what she wanted me to do, I’d do it!” … keep reading, 'cause we're about to drop some knowledge.

Here goes.

To put this in Family Feud lingo: We surveyed 160 married women with kids and asked them, “What four words does every married woman with kids want whispered in her ear?” The top 6 answers are on the board (ok, so it’s the top responses within the top 6 categories… work with us fellas):



#1 RESPONSE: “I’ll clean the house”

RUNNER-UP: “I’ll do the dishes"



#1 RESPONSE: “Go take a nap”

RUNNER-UP: “You sleep in today"



#1 RESPONSE: “Go ahead, I'm buying”

RUNNER-UP: “I won the lottery" : )


Food & Alcohol

#1 RESPONSE: “I have ice cream”

 (“I have tacos” was right there too!)

RUNNER-UP: “Here’s your wine glass”  (“Here’s your cold beer” wasn’t far off the pace.)



#1 RESPONSE: "I've got the kids"

RUNNER-UP: "I’m doing baths tonight"



#1 RESPONSE: “I'll rub your feet”

RUNNER-UP: “I'll rub your back"

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